Москва, ул.Василисы Кожиной д.14к1 (м.Парк Победы м.Багратионовская)

Анкета гостя при заезде англ. версия


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1. Full name __________________________________________________________________________

2. Date of birth  «_______» _____________________________ 19        .

3. ID __________________________________________________________________________________
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4. Date of arrival «____»___________20___    Date of departure «____»____________20___

5. Phone number: ________________________   e-mail_____________________________

The rules of stay in the Park Pobedy hostel have read and agree

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I consent to the hostel (mini-hotel) processing, storage and transmission of personal data contained in the above form, for the sole purpose of information service, services, hostel (mini-hotel) and other related services. The consent is valid indefinitely and may be revoked on the basis of my written statement sent by mail or by e-mail, then within 3 (three) days all the information about me from the database hostel deleted.

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